My name is Pat Geissman, Medina County
Commissioner. My name is Sandy Calvert I’m the
executive director of Feeding Medina County. My name is Brian Hollopeter,
I’m General Manager at Medina Tractor Sales. We are a Ventrac dealer and we are here
to build a community garden. When the recession hit Medina County,
as it did everyone else, it didn’t take me very long to realize there is something else that
goes along with losing your job, and that is hunger. Medina County definitely
has a poverty issue. One in four children are considered food-insecure. Feeding
Medina County provides a number of programs to our community where children
who are enrolled in the national free lunch program receive grocery bags with non-perishable food items, some produce, to take home. I was shocked when I first
started researching Feeding Medina County and what they do. We came together
to solve a solution of providing local produce for their free food
distributions. They could grow their own local fresh food and distribute it to those
in need. Brian from Medina Tractor Sales called and
he said we’ve just bought this promo with HD Expo and what would you think
about us putting in a community garden for you and I said absolutely. We’re just
like planting seeds in the center of the garden and later on we’re just sending the
food to people that want it and really need it and are hungry. This is going
to help them not only receive food but nourishing food that’s- that’s good for
their bodies. This is all volunteers that will come in and take care of this and
we will use the produce from these gardens for our programs.
Especially the children and senior program. There’s 10 or 15 different plots.
Ventrac was more than willing to sponsor some of those and get involved. Well I
think is cool about that tractor it like it like freshens the soil around
everywhere so you don’t have to take time hours hours and just do it by
yourself. Ventrac fits in a gardening application very well. The biggest
benefit is the attachments. It saves a lot of time and just the functions are
great for a small to medium size gardener, even a large garden like this
one. So with the garden we’re going to use the tiller and also this slip scoop
to help move things around, move some fertilizer and some water around the
garden so people don’t have to use such man labor. We plan to use the post hole
digger to install the fence and the mower to keep the garden looking nice
and fresh. The tractor helps because like you don’t have to like do everything you
could just zip it’s gone. Ventrac has been a great partner and I anticipate
great things coming from this partnership. Ventrac: your one tractor solution.
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