showing you 60 square meters greenhouse in this greenhouse we growin Molly dross in 60 square meters we’ll be able to produce two thousand kilo every single day while we are showing you here is being planking today in here 24 hours later looking better and he start to set the roots and everything if it’s low to start when’s his car start after 3 days has really moved very very fast indeed as you see it in here it’s looking better and greener and come level and even and they get lush and green after three days and it looks absolutely beautiful we managed to put high protein showing on the test 29.8 and calcium is 5 times higher than the average barley growing on the ground and the beauty of it is it’s only cost of the running cost included electricity labor and everything it’s seven cents a kilo we’re very happy indeed with the performing we’ve been doing testing for the last six months since we realize it’s going to be very dry so we thought this is really help for the kettle’s the Machine moves very slowly as you can see three and a half turns every hour as a turn each turn they have a drink for 20 minutes very shortly we will show you and also we taken the benefit of the height of the system to save space and we’ll be able to use a temperature controlled and humidity control and completely environment control we are absolutely very happy indeed with the system original this system is designed to grow vegetables we also grow vegetables with days here we are it’s a view from the top to show you the high all up the system it’s about six point two meter high and greenhouse is just under 10 meter as you see in here having a drink like I told you before 20 minutes every two hours as the system it do a full turn the water will turn off and stay off for two hours very smooth fine mist come to the landing gentle on the green and very shortly we will show you how the kettles go very excited about it they can eat roots and all this system is designed to go 24 hours a day and like I said that’s every week we produce two thousand two hundred and forty square meters of barley grass here this is default load the kettles getting excited about it so we see me show you how this is the number four o’clock by the way as we you can see them coming very excited they’re running for it even after the fourth load we’re very happy indeed it’s a very good for the bill and the beauty of it and they can also when you’re not using the machine if it’s a wet weather you can grow other things like for example mushroom or whit love without changing anything in the machine so it’s a very very efficient we’ve got people from overseas very keen about it Chinese very interested about it because they realize they can build the system anywhere in China especially north where it’s very heavy snow Dinos when snow it’s a very difficult for the kettle’s to get what they need and especially a very efficient and green when it snow so they are they want to know when they could be able to start producing this machines for look at them all happy kettles and eaten Groot and on that’s all for now you