Hi, I’m Tricia, an organic gardener. Everybody needs somebody they can lean on, and plants are no exception! Today we’re gonna talk about different types of plant support. Bamboo is a good plant support for the garden. It’s a renewable resource, it’s strong, it’s inexpensive, and it will last for many seasons. As you can see I have a structure made of bamboo to support my plants, I grow tomatoes, cucumbers, peppers, anything that wants to climb through the bamboo. And it’s easy, all you need is a 7′ piece of bamboo and some zip ties. As you can see, I have a frame that’s made of metal and PVC, but you can easily use bamboo. Just attach the frame first. Sink your vertical poles around the perimeter of your bed, about every 12-18″. And use a rubber mallet. We’re going to create a grid, starting 12-18″ above the bed. First attach all the horizontal poles parallel to one another, and attach them to each vertical pole. Next you’re going to attach your crossbars to the horizontals and the verticals that you just installed, about every 12-18″ across. And then just make sure and zip tie at each intersection. Bamboo is also useful for making little teepees that can support pole beans, or peas, or you can put them in containers. To make a teepee, you’ll need a roll of twine, 3-4 bamboo stakes, and a rubberband. Gather your stakes together in 1 hand, making sure they’re level with each other. Put the rubberband around to secure them. Then wind the twine around to secure the poles. Spread your teepee out and you’re done. You can also tie a little bit of twine around the teepee for plants that flop or want to grow outside the edges. Make a little loop in your twine and attach it to the top of the bamboo, and then do a light loop around the first stake And then at the end of the season, after you’ve harvested, just take it up and put it away in storage for the next season. Another great trellising option is this hortonova plastic trellis. It’s a lightweight trellis that’s UV-stabilized. This versatile trellis can be installed either horizontally, like this, to protect and support plants that flop, or vertically for vines and climbers. For a biodegradable annual type of vertical trellising, it’s simple. All you need is some kind of a frame, bamboo will work fine, some twine and a couple of ground staples. Just secure the top with a little knot, bring it down, anchor it with a ground staple, bring the twine back up, wrap it around and repeat all the way down the row. Give your plants something to lean on this year, and Grow Organic for Life!