okay I want to show this to you guys
okay so I was looking through the VA and and so the VA actually has a place over
here about determining exposure to Agent Orange and so this has been something
additional above and beyond what I’ve been able to search for in the past here
so it’s talking about herbicide tests and storage outside of Vietnam it’s not
been talked about a lot you’re not gonna find this on the corporate media but
right here is proof that Agent Orange was used outside of of the Vietnam area
and and this is also kind of related because the discussion was brought up if
you guys remember DDT and all the problems it almost killed off all the
Eagles it was an insecticide and and it says it became famous for environmental
impacts there was even people being born with
birth defects from what I remember why was DDT band it was outlawed in
Britain in 1986 and banned as a pesticide worldwide under the Stockholm
convention in 2001 it was discovered to be dangerous to wildlife and the
environment so the this is the thing that I question is okay so they changed
the name from one thing to another to something else that’s my concern is you
know changing the name but right here because we were stationed on Fort Knox
we’re also stationed on Fort Ord California it is not listed on here for
some reason I don’t know why it may be because it’s closed I don’t know Fort
Knox is still opened and so it says in 1945 a special project known as space
was conducted jointly by CWS and the AR ml to investigate the use of chemical
agents for increasing the flammability of vegetation prior to flame attack
so it’s on this list here let’s go up here to the top so we can see the full
PDF spreadsheet here information from Department of Defense on herbicide tests
and storage outside of Vietnam and so then it’s telling what the
chemicals are DoD involvement and the one down there and on Fort Knox says yes
some of them are undetermined we even have one here Oh
Jacksonville is on here which I was aware of Jacksonville some people have
said they used it all up and down the coastline of the United States the hid
e/l let’s read about Jacksonville here the H idea was used successfully on an H
34 helicopter to spray herbicidal material therefore it had not been
calibrated previously spray tests were performed to do so this was done under
order by OSD ARPA and so Elgin Air Force Base Agent Orange and so this
Jacksonville was purple they have it’s my understanding they had agent blue
purple red they had a bunch of different types of the chemicals saw poppy Florida
basic desiccants Agent Orange and blue during the period of 12 1966 and 10 1967
so the yes means the Department of Defense was involved a comprehensive
short-term evaluation was conducted by personnel from Fort Detrick plant
science lab and coordination with contract research on formulations by
chemical industry and field tests by USDA and U of H I oh my goodness here it
is two areas in Florida and Georgia and one in Tennessee bro missile tan dex
manure and dye iran and thinner in 1968 emphasis was given to soil
applied herbicides for grass control applicants were made by a jeep mounted
sprayer on small plots or by helicopter on larger plots and so it’s undetermined
yet if the if the Department of Defense was involved and then here we have a
second one here Georgia and Tennessee 1964 it’s not giving the locations right
at this moment for which ones these are in 1964 even though it’s my
understanding that I may have an idea where some of them are oh I know how our
Army Airfield is actually on the Superfund cleanup site in 1964
helicopter spray tests were conducted on transmission lines right-of-way by the
Georgia Power Company in Tennessee Valley Authority in collaboration with
Fort Detrick to evaluate effectiveness of several commercially available
herbicides and so this one is a yes the Department of Defense was involved Fort
Gordon Georgia right here 715 1967 to 7 1 7 1967 in-house desiccants mixtures of
formulations or Agent Orange and blue on Fort Gordon Georgia during the period of
12 1966 to 10 1967 a comprehensive short-term evaluation was conducted by
personnel from Fort Dietrich plant science lab in coordination with
contract research on formulations by chemical industry and field tests by the
USDA and U of H is I’m not sure you have HSN University of Hawaii possibly I’m
not sure and so even right here in Hawaii they used agent blue dye quat
para q paraquat orange pcp pi quorum agent white HCA 2 4 5 t in enduro and
throw and then here’s state state forest area in Hawaii oh my goodness Hawaii and
that’s undetermined if the Department of Defense was involved so there is
information on here talking about uses of age and orange outside here’s a
second one oh no this might be the same fort notes
that I saw so but look at all the different places for Trichy Maryland
area B Camp Detrick Maryland Fort Meade Maryland Camp Detrick all these are yes
the Department of Defense was involved Fort Dietrich pools Island Aberdeen
Proving Ground is a yes Agent Orange and orange plus foam orange
plus foam orange foam Agent Orange Fort Detrick near wayside mississippi wilcox
Road Greenville Mississippi Burrell missile pirate pirate lore terrible
Agent Orange a cat code Dalek acid filter Ranch Greenville Mississippi
in 1967 the Dow Chemical Company was awarded at Department of Defense DoD
research contract the objective was to prepare as pellets mixtures of various
herbicides and to test them on varying vegetation situations for the control of
a range of plant species and so oh my goodness
Gulfport Mississippi Agent Orange well and Department of Defense was involved
while discussing the mandatory disposal of orange it was mentioned that fifteen
thousand one hundred and sixty one drums were being stored at Gulfport
Mississippi Gulfport Mississippi you hear that what
happened to them can anybody tell me where where are the drums at right now
how are they disposed can anyone to it does anyone know
um Gallatin Valley near Bozeman Montana floral phenoxy acetic acid and two of
its esters 3 : 1 butyl 240 and butyl 2 4 5 T a preliminary series of field
evaluations of chemical agents for attacking wheat using a miniature
spraying system mounted on light aircraft were performed by USDA Fort
Drum New York 1959 Agent Orange the commanding generals first you okay I’m
reaching my time my recording limit so I am going to have to end this right now
and head back over in this direction and shut it off so but I just wanted to
raise this to the attention of everyone who who may have a claim with the VA and
so we’ll see you guys soon