(Upbeat music) – I’m Fiona Dowling and I’m a HSQE adviser with VGC Group. The basic thing to remember
about plant on site is to stay away from the area
unless it’s absolutely essential. If you do need to be in the vicinity, make sure you’re wearing the correct PPE and ensure that the operator
has seen and acknowledged you. This will have been agreed
in your site briefing. According to the Health
and Safety Executive, there were over 100 fatalities last year that involved plant and
machinery in the workplace. People are hurt on site for many reasons including inadequate planning and the risks not being identified. Also, ensure that walking
routes are established. Make sure that your barriers
are separating plant and people. If they’re not in place, make
sure you change your route. Do not use plant unless
you are trained to do so. Check it before its use
and if it’s defective, make sure that it’s been quarantined. There are several measures
that can be implemented to keep people away from plant. The site briefing will include the details on the safe system of work
and the risk assessment, the plant exclusion zone
with the barriers in place, and also ensure that
there’s a safe access route for pedestrians. If you do need to enter a plant zone, always ensure that you
have a safe system of work that’s applicable to that site. Never operate a machine
unless it’s safe to do so and only use it for the job required. You should never use the
same route as a vehicle as the operator may not see you. Always stick to the walking routes. The main thing to remember
when working around plant is to always ensure that
the operator has seen and acknowledged you. Ensure that the machine is switched off. Do not enter the area if
this has not happened. If you have any safety concerns, raise them with your line manager. Alternatively, you can e-mail, text, or complete the online form. Don’t walk by. (Upbeat music)