Hi, I’m Keith with Solutions Pest and Lawn. In this video, we’ll talk about this product,
we are going to cover what it is, what its used for, how to get started, where and when
to apply, and the different considerations before choosing this chemical. Solutions Pest and Lawn is a small family
owned business that relies on people like you to succeed. Our goal is to teach you how to treat your
pest problems. If you have any questions, after watching
this video, please email, call, or visit one of our stores and we can help you out. Vision Blue is a marking dye. This product is a temporary colorant to indicate
where a product has been applied. Use Vision blue alongside herbicides or other
chemicals to mark where a product has been applied to reduce drift, overlap, or skipping
an area. Vision Blue is safe to use and is non toxic,
but it is still recommended to wear gloves and working clothes. Vision Blue washes out of most surfaces with
soap and water, but can stain others so read the label before use. Mix Vision Blue at a rate of 32 fl oz per
100 gallons (or .3 oz per gallon for small volume application). The more Vision you use the darker the spray
pattern will be. For small volume applications, add Vision
right after you have added your chemicals, agitate your sprayer and you are ready to
apply. Apply Vision with your herbicides, fertilizers,
and fungicides to mark your spray patterns and ensure no area is missed and no product
is wasted due to overlap. Vision Blue is safe to use. It is non-toxic, so it will not harm people
or pets, and washes off with soap and water. When used alongside other chemicals it is
still important to keep Pets and people off the treated areas until they are dry. After application, Vision blue washes off
most surfaces with soap and water. If applied to vegetation, it will fade away
naturally over a few days or with rain. When used alongside other chemicals, be sure
to let the product dry so as not to contaminate yourself with the chemicals, or dilute them
by washing away the dye. Vision Blue has no pest controlling properties
on its own, it is only intended as a visual representation of where a product has been
sprayed. Make sure to read the label before applying
Vision to any surface to prevent staining.