today we’ll be talking about how trees
support bird habitats hi I’m Helen Yoest with be better naturally we teach
homeowners how to build better backyards for birds bees and butterflies and we do
this naturally through sustainable gardening when suburbia first started we
were looking for the perfect residential tree for our Lots most of these trees
were not native and the reason is is that native trees support our native
insects one of the best things that you can do in your home resident lot is to
plant native trees they support more species of caterpillars for the moss and
butterflies than any other tree’s three of the highest species of trees that
support bird habitats are the oak willows and cherries they’re not all
suited for small residential lots by all means if you have a half acre or
more than the oak tree would be a fabulous addition to your garden and
will support over five hundred and seventeen different caterpillars to feed
your nesting birds for the willows and the cherries they’re smaller statute and
they will fit better in a small residential law for any wildlife habitat
we need food cover water and a place to raise their young and the more you can
condense that in one tree the more likely you’re going to have bird support
that tree so that’s it’s a matter of redefining what beautiful is beautiful
is holes in your trees because it’s sustaining a wildlife habitat without
any holes in your leaves you’re not supporting a wildlife habitat you’re
just providing something that’s beautiful to look at like a couch in
your living room whereas you really want something that’s gonna be food for the
wildlife and particularly our Birds if you want birds in your garden you need
to have our native trees a great example of the tent caterpillar they favor
cherry trees and while you may look at it and think this is not something I
want in my garden it is when you think that it’s feeding our baby birds so
instead of spraying for the next pest let nature come in balance and let the
birds eat the insects