Hello I’m Sweet Pea Hoover and welcome to
Backyard Basics Today we’re going to take a glance at weeds.
Its been said they’re simply wild flowers that are misunderstood, but I’m going to take
it a step further and try to show that natures trying to tell you something about the soil
that you’ve got. Nature by nature doesn’t like bare spots, its going to try to fill
it in with something. So its then your job to tell it how much and where you’d like it
to be. I’d like to start with the theory about the healthy blade of grass. If you have a
well balance lawn, it can out compete any weed that’s trying to grow through it. But
because we were part of the weather restriction, the watering restrictions and the drought
restrictions last season, we’re having a lot of issues with bare spots this season. I’d
like you to start to take a look at the some of the broadleaf weeds that I found in just
some samples. First one I’d like to look at is the Henbit. Many people see this it has
a square stem, its in the mint and its known by it purple and pink tubular flowers that
usually adorn all of our lawns in spring. That’s not necessarily a good thing, it has
200 seeds per plant. The good news is that it’s shallow rooted and with just a little
tugging, that is the sophisticated root system involved. Kids have a really good success
with pulling these out, so I’d say busy hands are happy hands lets get out future gardeners
out there. Lets move on to our next weed which is Black
Medic. In the Hoover family, most people note this by the small yellow flowers that appears
in spring. It has some positive benefits that its reentering nitrogen just the same way
that you’d be entering a cover crop like the red clover as our winter cover crops. Its
trying to do the same thing. Nature is trying to put the balance nitrogen back into out
soil. However, it is so compact in the middle and its mini tamp root a little struggle to
get out. However when you do you can see sometimes that this stretches between six and twenty
six inches. Lets see if we can get one of those nodes. There’d be a nitrogen node right
there. Trying to get that back in the soil and give you balance, but if we don’t get
it out in time its going to suffocate and not let our turf come back through it. So
the important thing is to by the time you’re treating you lawn and getting a fertilizer
in that we’ve got these compact and suffocating weeds out. I also want to move to look at
our next weed which is the Salfisol also related to the Dandelion. The Salfisol can be one
that you’d be able to get with the lawn mower if you haven’t had time to get down to the
taproot. It is deeply rooted, and you would need a tool to get that out. The difference
between a dandelion and a salfisol is that it has several blooms on it. That means several
seed packets that will floating in the air and replacing its self in the soil. The over
all message that I’d like to get over all these weeds is that the sooner you can break
the seeds cycle…A very natural way Hello I’m Sweet Pea welcome to Backyard Basics Today we’re going to explore some ways to
battle weeds that are already in our yard or try to get it before they show up. We’ll
be discussing pre-emergence, post emergence, when to apply and how. Lets start with corn
gluten one of our most popular pre-emergence and when we say that we’re trying to nip the
seed before it geminates. It’s a powder or beside so you can sprinkle it at a rate that
your nursery would be happy to help you with. It is best applied in mid to early February
when you start to see the warmth come up for your Daffodils, thats a great cue that you
should be putting that down and getting those weeds before they start flourishing with our
spring rains. Post emergence are what is already existing and how we’re going to be them. We
have some great natural products that I’d love to explore with you. Our first one is
Gringo. It is all food grade. Vinegar, orange oil, kind of pleasant smelling. You want to
apply these things in either early morning when the sun can actually help battle these
things a little extra heat and burning. Also there’s this great one for crab grass. I know
a lot of people are suffering from this right now. If you actually open this up and smell
it its delicious. Its cumin, its cinnamon, its corn flour. All you have to do it wet
down you weeds and then apply this powder and the sun will take care of the rest by
smothering it by basically breaking that little polymer coating that’s on the weed. So it
closely dehydrates and disappears. Another thing I want to talk about with weeding is
making sure that you’re comfortable in your garden. First thing you can do is get a great
pair of gloves. These mud gloves are one my favorite products because it has this coating
that keeps you water proof, but also if we’re dealing with something southis that has those
nasty little prickers in it. Its going to protect my hand to make sure that I’m not
discouraged from picking more of them. Another thing you can do for you comfort is a kneeler.
Its just a great way to give that extra padding in the knees that can keep out in your garden
just a little bit longer. My favorite weeding tool is this, they call it a Cape Cod weeder.
The angling on this weeder, the sharp, (as you can see this is a well seasoned one that
I’m using everyday) can get right under that root. It has a great prying mechanism to get
under a taproot, especially ones that are stubbornly in the ground. And something like
Henbit just whisks it away. If not someone who so much want to get on the ground, most
of the tools that you are looking at here are available in a longer stick option for
you. So go ahead to your garden center and I bet they have something that you wouldn’t
have to bend over with. One of those that’s my favorite is called the Isolating Hoe. Some
of my other gardener know it by the name Hula Hoe and love it because its got two razor
sharp edges with one motion you could be doing double the work. Its great for granite pads
if you have those or again for some of our shallow rooters. Again my name is Sweet Pea Hoover its been
great to talk to you about some of my favorite tools and ways to get rid of weeds naturally.
Busy hands are happy hands so get on out there!