Hi guys, welcome back to my channel. In today’s
video, I’m going to be filming a what I eat in a day, but this one is going to be what
I eat when I’m on a plant based diet because I’ve never filmed one of those before and
I’ve recently been trying to eat less meat and animal products in general. And that all
started because I had a health check a couple of months ago and it just really got me thinking
about what I put into my body. And then I also watched a couple of documentaries and
it’s made me want to test out being plant-based at least two to three days a week. But I had
no idea how to eat plant based. I feel like starting to try and eat that way has almost
been a bit like weaning a baby. I’ve had to do so much research online. I’ve ordered a
couple of cookbooks, I’ve got the Deliciously Ella one which has really yummy recipes in
it, and then I also got a Fearne Cotton one as well. Yeah, so today, I’m going to show you everything
that I eat and it’s all going to be plant based and hopefully delicious. So I hope you
enjoy this slightly different content. If you do, give it a big thumbs up. And if you’re
new around here, I would love you to consider subscribing if you like what you see. But first off, I’m going to start out with
breakfast. And I have made this recipe about five times now. It is so delicious. It actually
tastes a bit like a dessert, but it is a yummy healthy breakfast. But I should also mention
that it’s Sunday here. So I had a bit more time to make this because this recipe does
take about 20 minutes to make, but it makes enough to last three to four days. So it’s
a Deliciously Ella banana and blueberry oat bake. And I will link the recipe down below.
I can’t tell you how yummy it is, so I’ll show you how I make it. Okay, so this is everything laid out that
I’m going to need for this oat bake. So I’ve got walnuts, bananas, blueberries, sunflower
seeds, raisins, ground cinnamon, maple syrup, and of course rolled oats. And this really
does work best with the jumbo rolled oats. So the first thing I’m going to do is take
about a cup or 50 grams of the rolled oats, put them into a bowl, and then what you want
to do is just cover them with boiling water and then leave them to sit for about 10 minutes
just to soften up. So normally while this is softening, I’ll make myself a coffee. And
I’ve really been enjoying using the barista oat milk. This is a recommendation from you
guys and it tastes so good in coffee. It’s the best dairy replacement I’ve found for
hot drinks. But also during this 10 minutes, you can get
all of your ingredients ready for this recipe. So I’m just chopping up the walnuts. And again,
I’ll link the recipe down below so you can see exact measurements. I’m also measuring
out the sunflower seeds and the raisins. And I tend to use a little kitchen scale to measure
them out. You’ll also want to mash up a banana. And then after the 10 minutes when the oats
are a bit softer, all you have to do is basically throw it all together. So you’ll want to add
one mashed banana to the softened oats. Then whack in your chopped up walnuts, sunflower
seeds, raisins as well, and then some ground cinnamon. I think it calls for like a teaspoon,
but I did about double that today. Then you’ll also want to add in two tablespoons of maple
syrup and then about four tablespoons of a milk. I’m using coconut milk today, but it
works with almond milk as well. And that’s pretty much it. Then you just want to add in a handful of
blueberries. As you can see, Jackson really wanted to help me with this today. And stir
it up as well. He loves to get involved in the kitchen. So yeah, just give that all a
big stir and then all that’s left to do is put it into a oven dish, like a nice little
baking dish. And then you can decorate the top of it. You don’t have to do this, but
it does look really cute if you add another banana on top and then you can place a few
more blueberries. I’ve also whacked on raspberries in the past and that also tastes delicious,
but that’s pretty much it. All that’s left to do is put it into the oven for 20 minutes
on about 190 and then it comes out looking like this. It’s honestly like having an apple
crumble or something for breakfast. It’s so yummy. There’s lots of natural sugars in it,
but it is a really hearty breakfast that’s going to stay with you. And as you can see,
I’m only having about a quarter of the entire dish so I can keep the rest in the fridge
for a few days and I’ve really been loving having this with a Koko dairy free yogurt.
It’s really nice to have the cold and the hot. And it’s delicious and I would totally
recommend you giving it a go. It’s nearly lunch time so we’re off out for
lunch today. It is a horrible, disgusting day outside and we’re all going a bit stir
crazy. So we’re going to go to our favorite little cafe for lunch. I have no idea what
I’m going to have. But what I have found since trying to eat a bit more plant based is that
there are actually so many options. Everywhere we’ve been has had something that I can have.
And I joked to Matt that I actually quite enjoy it. Like I’m the most indecisive person
when it comes to ordering in a restaurant. So to have it narrowed down for me is actually
really nice. And we went to Cece’s yesterday and they had an entire vegan menu and I haven’t
found getting coffee difficult because there’s so many different dairy replacements. So dairy
was the first thing I gave up because I found out that I had PCOS. Everything I read online
said to give up dairy. So I thought, “Well, I’ll try that.” But that was actually really
difficult for me because cheese is the one thing that I love. I’m not really bothered
about chocolates or sweets or anything, but cheese was my main thing. But then I actually
heard that cheese is addictive apparently. And now that I haven’t had it for a month,
I don’t feel like I need it. So I’m sort of over that. And then with coffee, there’s so many good
options. Like the oat milk I showed you or soy or coconut milk, almond milk, they all
taste really good in a coffee. So yes, I have no idea what I’m going to have but I shall
show you when we get there. Mommy! What are you all doing for lunch? [inaudible 00:06:37]. Coffee. I want coffee,
Daddy. You want coffee? I want coffee. Yeah, you need it. How do you know what you’re doing? I saw this on YouTube. What, it actually works? Yeah. Stop it. What? So for lunch today I have a soy latte. And
then I’ve got a giant jacket potato, no butter, with beans on top. Obviously, I’m not having
any cheese. And then I’ve got a nice side salad there. Matt’s got same but he’s having
a cheese and beanie one. And the boys are having tuna paninis if you’re interested as
well. Is it tasty? All right, so we’re back from our outing and
the two older boys and Matt are watching football in the other room. So Jackson and I are in
here and watching one of his programs. But I just wanted to come on and say I’m having
some water because I’m making a conscious effort to drink more water and I’ve been a
bit slack today. I’ve had like one or two of these so I really need to drink some more.
And then I also might have a cup of tea. Dinner time! That’s right. So Jackson’s going to help me
and tonight for dinner I’m going to be making a roasted butternut squash curry. So since
we’ve been eating more plant-based or vegetarian meals, I’ve discovered that when we make curries,
like either Thai or Indian or also Mexican food, we just really don’t miss the meat in
those dishes. Like we’ve had enchiladas, fajitas, all just completely vegetable. And they’ve
been so yummy because there’s some vegetables that are actually really meaty, like cauliflower,
sweet potato, butternut squash as well. So tonight, I’m going to make this Indian butternut
squash curry and I’ll show you how I do it. Okay. So the first step in this recipe is
to trim your butternut squash. I actually got two small ones, but you could get one
large one. Then you’ll want to cut it in half, de-seed your butternut squash, and then I
actually peel it as well. Although the recipe that I was using for this said you didn’t
have to peel it. I just didn’t like the idea of eating the skin. I don’t know why. Because
I normally peel it for soup, I guess, maybe. But then you’ll want to chop it up into quite
small pieces because that way it’s going to cook quite quickly. Then just add a bit of
olive oil, some salt and pepper, and then stick that into the oven at about 200 or 220
if it’s not fan assisted for about 25 minutes. So that can be cooking while you get on and
make the rest of the curry. So then I am cutting up about two medium onions.
I’m just cutting them into really thin moon pieces. Then I’m also cutting up four garlic
cloves. I know that’s a lot of garlic, but we like it that way. And then I’m adding the
garlic and the onion into a frying pan with a little bit of oil. Then I’m just going to
trim some green beans. And then I’m going to cut them into bite sized pieces, so I was
cutting them into about three pieces, each one. And then you can put your rice on so
that can just be cooking away for 10 minutes. And then once the onions are soft, after about
five minutes, you can add in some tomato puree, some North Indian style curry powder, and
some water. I’m adding in about 200 mil of water. Just mixing that up and then adding
in some vegetable stock as well. I’m using a powdered one. And then I’m also throwing
in my green beans. Then you basically let that cook for seven to eight minutes just
to make the beans a bit softer and cooked and then you can add in a can of coconut milk
and then give that a stir. And then that can be cooking away and simmering and just getting
more and more delicious on the stove. And then once your butternut squash pieces
are done, you can add them into your curry and that is pretty much it. All that’s left
to do is serve it up. And yeah, it was a really good one. Dinner was really delicious and we have enough
for another night, so we might have it again tomorrow. But I think I’m going to end the
video here. I don’t think I’m going to have anything else to eat today because I’m so
stuffed after my huge lunch and dinner, but I’ll probably have a decaf coffee. But yeah,
I hope you enjoyed this slightly different video. Let me know in the comments what you
thought and if you want to see a completely plant-based meal prep video, I’d love to challenge
myself and do that as well. But yeah, thanks again and I’ll see you in my next one. Bye,