Hello Friends! Today we will gain some knowledge about Chemical
Rooting Hormones & Organic Rooting Stimulants. So, What is a Rooting Hormone? Rooting hormones are chemicals or substances
that help promote fast and healthy onset of new roots. They can be either synthetic chemical or naturally
occurring or organic rooting hormones. These are available in form of powders, liquids
or gels forms and are an important stuff in cloning process in gardening � cloning is
growing a plant from its cuttings taken from mother plant. And one more thing, You must know is that
most plant cuttings will naturally produce their own rooting hormones after a short period
of time. Auxins are one of the main plant hormones
that aid in the creation of initial root growth. More specifically, indole acetic acid (IAA)
is the natural auxin found in plants that is responsible for natural root stimulation. IAA is involved in just about every aspect
of plant growth and development. Most rooting products do not contain this
exact IAA but rather a synthetic form of indole-butyric acid (IBA) and/or napthaleneacetic acid (NAA). These rooting hormone products come in different
forms, each with their own advantages and disadvantages. The one you are seeing here is called Rooter
and contains this IBA chemical. This I got it for really cheap for about 250
bucks. The link to purchase online is shared in description
and also link at top right side of this video. Make sure you get a sealed packed product
and also check the bar code. Then open the cork and see whether its sealed
properly. So this contains the indole butyric acid as
the rooting powder. Will share you the results of this in my future
videos, whenenver I grow cuttings and see which is better, whether organic or inorganic. Now the organic powder, what we have been
using till now is cinnamon bark powder which is easily available in your kitchen or grocery
store. Its mainly used for its antiseptic / antifungal
properties for propagating cuttings. Also Honey is another excellent product used
for fast rooting and has similar action to the cinnamon powder. Then lastly, how do we use these hormones
in powdered form. We have been doing these in propagating cuttings. Please watch our videos on How to grow from
cuttings in the Gardening How to�s playlist. There are lot of videos on these. We just dip the cutting base in this powder
and then make a hole in the soil and insert the cuttings. That�s it. Well, that�s in brief about rooting hormones
and Organic root stimulants. See you in next video, Till then take care
and bye bye!