Gardeners often call with questions regarding plant health, especially trying to grow vegetables in containers. We’ve learned about soils. We know that the plant needs to be kept moist, but growing a plant in a container is similar to having a puppy or adopting a childing. It takes daily care and you have to be very observant. This plant is not only suffering from having a lack of water at different times, but when you have a lack of water part of the roots die and then you have nutritional problems as well. You can see the discoloration in the leaves. The fact the veins have some good color, but the foliage itself is lighter and whiter. This plant here may be suffering from phosphorus, calcium deficiency. It could be a number of things. Another indication that your tomato plants aren’t receiving adequate, even amounts of moisture, is when the fruits start to ripen, they will split. The moisture comes up at a time when the fruit skin can no longer expand. With attention to proper water on a consistent basis and given a little tomato food you might be very surprised at how well this
comes back for the fall crop. This is now mid-late summer we’re into and with proper care, this could be a well-fruiting plant through cold weather.