Fertilizer should be used all year round
on grass. If you think of the three main components of fertilizer, nitrogen,
phosphate, and potassium, it helps you to work out which one’s right. So,
nitrogen is going to grow the grass, so you really want to use that in the
springtime to kick the blue one into life. Also, if you can get some high potassium
in there as well to look after the health of the plant. As we draw into the summer,
you want to balance it off a little bit. So the three main components are a little
bit more balanced. And then as we go into the spring, the autumn time, we’re going
to look to slow the growth down, so we’re going to use less nitrogen and
we’re going to be concentrating on the health of the plant. So, high potassium,
and then also looking at root development, so high phosphates.