hi everyone have you ever wondered
whether or not you should pull a plant out at the end of the season or whether
to leave it in to try and get some more production out of it
well that’s we’re going to talk about on today’s video we get this question a lot
in comments well people aren’t too sure whether to let something go much longer
or should they pull it I think this will be a really helpful episode to people
yeah I think so too well a couple things I like to look for when deciding whether
or not to pull a plan or to leave it our appearance and production and we have a
perfect example here with these scarlet runner beans these have been growing in
here since March we’ve gotten at least a good maybe six months of beans off of
them they’ve been very productive so so tasty
and they’ve been beautiful over the growing season but the appearance is
really starting to decline to me it looks good sorry I know I’m interrupting
to me it looks good it’s nice and green the color is good but as you look closer
I do see a lot of Brown yeah and crumbled leaves definitely so the heat
has really gotten to them they’re just reaching the end of their life we’ve got
the brown kind of crispy leaves we’ve got some spider mites coming in here see
all those little spots on here so they’re just reaching the end of their
lives the appearance once you dig down in here is not looking so good and the
second thing being the production so again reaching the end of their life the
production is really starting to decline well I could leave these in here and
maybe get a few more beans out of them I want to plant something that’s gonna
give us a lot more vegetables so it’s kind of that fine line that you walk
between yeah it was a trade-off trying to keep your plant alive and producing
or starting over with something fresh and new it’s gonna grow you a lot more
vegetables so here you go Jerry you’re gonna need these what we’re gonna do
rather than just pull out the scarlet runner beans which I would have done
we’re actually gonna clip them off at the base of the plant and the reason why
we’re doing this with this particular plant is because scarlet runner beans
here in our climate in Southern California can regrow so they actually
have little tubers in the ground we don’t want to pull those out we want to
snip them and then hopefully those plants will regrow here in our warm
climate now we’re actually going to have to climb in behind here to clip the plan
out and I just want to tell you guys I’m not gonna lie it’s really hard for me to
pull these out because this has been a beautiful plant for me all summer long I
really fell in love with scarlet runner beans so it is kind of sad but you know
what sometimes you just have to let it go for the sake of more vegetables to
harvest will grow something else here alright let’s climb in here this should
be fun watch your head everybody it’s a jungle in here so what we’re gonna do is
we’re just gonna start snipping the plants here at the very base so that we
don’t completely pull them out we’ll leave those tubers in the soil and
hopefully they will regrow I’ll get you a better tool Jerry now you can see here
behind the scenes of the scarlet runner beans really the decline of the plant
all the drying leaves back in here are really showing up
there’s tons of bugs on here you can see all these eggs on the leaves the webs in
here all over the place and all kinds of little tiny guys right here maybe Athens
I’m not sure so it’s definitely time to pull this plant out now comes the fun
part we start pulling what we cut that’s right but also I’m kind of sad too but
we got to do it here goes oh wait what about these here yeah oh
these away or do you yeah we are gonna save the arts-and-crafts the cool thing
about scarlet runner beans is you can save the seeds I’m actually gonna
replant some of these today ah there’s seeds in that these seeds are
absolutely gorgeous their tea CDs they’re huge so once again we’re
repurposing these beautiful seeds yeah those are look at that yeah scarlet run
their beans are just stunning the cool thing is you can actually eat the dried
beans you can boil them like pinto beans and mash them up put them in a burrito
so we’re gonna definitely save all these that we take off today all right there’s
a lot of dried beans on here too hard to pull out yep that’s nice
yeah that’s already warm like a desert heat today oh there goes our trellis this is what I’m talking about demo I’m
sorry to see the trellis again Wow there are just a ton of beans in here the
funny thing is I actually planted some other beans i think kentucky wonder pole
beans along the back a couple months ago so they’re definitely growing up so the
trick is gonna be to see where the scarlet runner beans from the front stop
at the top and the kentucky wonder beans stop so we don’t like pull any of these
out so i don’t know how that’s gonna work but we’ll give it a go we’ll give
it a go i may just kind of start snipping in the middle here and hope for
the best okay i got the ladder clear spot you get
the ones at the top okay now up here I’ve got some
sunflowers that were reaching for the Sun and these are the Kentucky wonder
pole bean so it’s gonna be interesting to try and save the ones they’re still
growing but yet pull out all the old stuff they’re so long it’s crazy so I just pulled the pole beans that it
wasn’t supposed to pull because I really wasn’t listening I was over here doing
work when she’s at it I feel bad when I do that but I just start pulling thanks
it’s okay honey they grow fast okay so now it’s time to cut the sunflower
stalks again kind of sad so Jerry gonna cut them at the very bottom because we
want to save them and dry them so way down at the soil level perfect one of them fell out the front door so
that worked out good it’s gonna give my orange tree here a lot more sunlight to
these oranges I have grow a lot better Kim I’m going to throw these into the
barrel while you work on that that sounds good
see any beans pick them off a little slide benefit is we’ve got a
big old basket of beans with King Shelby’s your plan timer save him to eat
well it looks good looks really good we started with this and we ended with
this a nice clean trellis ready to plant some new veggies I like it I actually
like being able to see through the trellis again and all the way to the
back fence well it’s not gonna be bear for long Jerry because we are going to
plant some of their beans that have dried up that we just took out scarlet
runner beans are gonna go in here nice warm weather vegetable we still have a
couple months of warm weather here so we should be able to get another crop now
if you live somewhere where it’s gonna be getting cold and probably six to
eight weeks you want to plant a cool weather vegetable like some peas now I’m
hoping the scarlet runner beans that we cut off will actually regrow but since
it’s my first time doing that I’m not going to depend on that and I definitely
want to plant them seeds what I’m gonna do is bust open a couple of these dried
pods now when you save the seeds from these you definitely want to make sure
they’re nice and dry so these I actually just dried right on the plant now if you
want to you can break open the green when the pods are green and then just
dry the seeds on a tray but you do want to make sure that they are nice and dry
they’re beautiful beautiful bean seeds so what I’m actually gonna do is just
set these aside for a second I am gonna add some worm castings to the soil
because these beans have it growing in here for quite a while I want to mend
the soil just a little bit so I’m just gonna sprinkle in some of the vermis
Terra worm castings and then we’ll just plant the seeds right along the drip
irrigation hose there I’ll sprinkle that in kind of loosen the soil up just a
little bit don’t need to do too much here super easy to plant these beans and
these bean seeds are actually in my bean seed collection there’s five varieties
in there three varieties of bush beans the scarlet runner beans and the
Kentucky pull beans that were growing along the back fence here it’s gonna pop
these in they grow super fast as long as the weather is still warm they love
temperatures of 75 degrees or over so we should still be able to
get it in the crop here we’ll be harvesting these probably in about six
to eight weeks so I’m just gonna push the seed right down into the soil here
right by my drip irrigation just cover it with a little bit of soil and just
plant the seeds every couple inches apart so easy to grow beans and these
are the tastiest beans ever so it’s really fun to be able to grow these
beans and then to be able to plant them at once again can’t be free plants look
at those seeds they’re just gorgeous so I’m just gonna pop them in all the way
down the line here and we are done water him in now I am gonna plant some more
Kentucky wonder pull bean seeds right here by the ones that camera guy pulled
out now I’m not gonna lie I was a little bit mad but I’m also really happy that
he was helping out here with me in the garden so I really tried not to get mad
at him and you know what beans grow so fast so that’s just the way it goes
sometimes so I’ll just pop some more beans here in
the soil and they’ll be sprouting in no time so we covered today how to tell
when to take a plant out by its appearance and by its production hope
this video was helpful if you want to plant some beans or plant some peas
either grab a bean see collection or a fall garden seed collection on my
website great to have you watching and if this video was helpful leave a
comment down in the comments looking forward to reading your comments thanks
so much for watching we’ll see on the next video