I’ve got to tell you that it’s not easy getting
by these days. Follow me for the next few minutes and I’ll
tell you. Um Hello.
Hey Buddy. Not the flea bag. I’m down here. Freddy the Frog’s my name. Let me tell you why life’s so tough for frogs
like me. As well as other critters in the water and
I’ll share with you some things you can do to help keep the environment healthy and happy
for everyone. We are sensitive to even the smallest changes
in habitat. That’s why some scientists call frogs a Bioindicator
meaning that by watching us they can tell how clean and safe the environment is. It’s bad. In many places, we are in trouble. The frog population is decreasing and many
are born with deformities. Researches believe it’s because of unwelcomed
changes in our habitat. It’s starting to rain. I usually love the water but not during and
after a storm. There are things that some humans do to our
waterways that make me hopping mad. Every time it rains we have to take cover. Water flowing into our lakes, rivers and streams
are loaded with pollution. Humans call it storm water run-off; I call
it a mess. And it’s one of the main sources of water
pollution these days. So I’m guessing that about now you’re asking
yourself what is storm water, aren’t you? I thought so. Often, when it rains, there is too much water
to just soak into the ground. In the neighborhood it can mean that, extra
water flowing from our yards and parks to nearby lakes, creeks or rivers. In the city, there’s just too much pavement
and the rain flows down sidewalks, streets and parking lots. All of this extra water has to be moved along
by specially built storm water drains. And remember, all of the water that flows
through it ends up where I live. And believe me it can be gross. It’s not just natural rain water. Storm water run-off can be filled with all
sorts of nasty things. You think our streets are clean? When water flows down the street it collects
oil, gas and trash. What about our yards? Are they clean? Does your family use pesticides, herbicides
and fertilizers? If so, when it rains or when you water your
yard, these chemicals flow with the water down the street to a storm drain. Even dirt, leaves and lawn clippings that
flow into the storm drain can make our lives miserable. When the decompose in water, they use up valuable
oxygen that fish need to survive. And of course there’s the dog doo too. It can get into storm drains as well. How would you like to take a bath with dog
poop? I DO not. So DO the right thing. Please, pickup after your dog. It’s one of the things you can DO to make
my home and your world healthier for everyone. But don’t stop there. Here are more ways that you can help. Pickup dead leaves and excess grass clippings. Never leave them on the street, sidewalk or
driveway. Put them back in your yard for nutrients or
even better, learn how to start a compost pile. Using compost improves your yard or garden
soil and requires less water. Read the instructions carefully when using
lawn chemicals and use only what you need. When you use too much, those chemicals can
end up in storm water as well. What about your vehicles? Do they cause any pollution? Any leak on the pavement can cause toxic chemicals
to go into our water ways so make sure you fix any leaks and clean up your driveway with
a proper absorbent. The storm water quiz is brought to you by
our good bugs. Quit using polluting pesticides and let our
good bugs such as ladybugs and praying mantis knock out other bugs. They are natures answer to controlling pests. Hi there, I’m all Al Grogger and it’s time
to play storm water quiz! First question, which of the following can
you safely pour into the storm drain? Is it, A, Motor Oil? B, Chemicals? or C, none of the above? If you guessed C you’re absolutely right! Remember, absolutely nothing is suppose to
go into the storm drain except rain water. Next question, true or false. It’s perfectly okay to blow your leaves and
grass clippings onto the street? A, true. B, false. If you guess true, you’re absolutely WRONG! When yard waste decomposes in the water, it
can use up oxygen needed by frogs and other aquatic life. Question 3, where should you wash your automobile? A, your driveway? B, the street? C, commercial car wash? If you guessed C, you’re correct! When you wash your vehicle at home, all of
those chemicals, dirt and oil go down the street to a storm drain. Remember, only rain should go down the storm
drain. Thank you for playing our storm water quiz. I’m Al Grogger. I hope you were able to learn something about
storm water run-off today and why it can be such a bad thing. It’s a major source of water pollution and
can endanger us frogs and other water creatures. Remember that there’s things your family can
do to help like not dumping anything into the storm drains, picking up trash, not applying
any chemicals before it rains or use natural alternative to chemicals, cleaning up doggy doo. That’s something that you can do to. Please take what you learn today and share
it with everyone you know. Tell them why it is so important to follow
these simple steps. And if everyone does their part, it will go
a long way to reduce water pollution and make our planet a much better place to live. To learn more, visit www.cor.net/stormwater. Produced by the City of Garland, Texas Department
of Public and Media Relations. A Special thanks to Water Environment Federation,
the water quality people.