This is John Kohler with
today I have another exciting and very quick episode for you guys.
This episode I’m here on my vacation in Hawaii still and I’m at the Home Depot just
checking out the plants they’ve got and actually they have a bunch of organic plants
which is really nice like vegetables and herbs that they’re offering.
But the reason for this episode today is because I want you guys to value something, right?
In Hawaii prices are inflated, things have to be shipped on a boat here if they’re
not made locally on the island and one of the things that, as mainlanders, we often
don’t really particularly value is this stuff right here. The compost, there’s a
compost mix here is 1 cubic foot and if you take a look at the price, 1 cubic foot of
the EcoScraps compost
is $8.97. $9 dollars for
one cubic foot, that’s not a lot of
compost for nearly 9 dollars plus tax. So, start composting
your food scraps, compost all the different yard clippings and yard waste, leaves and
everything you can to make your own
compost because it’s worth minimum in Hawaii $9
dollars a cubic foot but, to me, the
compost you make in your own home adding rock dust and bio char is priceless man! Because
you’re not going to have any better soil
and there’s definitely not a better soil coming out of a bag that’s going to go into your
backyard. This is stuff you can make
at home. Be sure to check my other videos where I share with you guys how to make your own compost, save a lot of money and grow the best food.
Hope you guys enjoyed this episode, once again my name is John Kohler with we’ll see you next
and remember: Keep on growing!