Hi I’m Master Gardener William Moss and welcome to “Grow Our Way!” Organic Gardening and sustainability continue to rise in popularity and more and more people are growing their own fruits and vegetables at home. A lot of people have questions, they don’t know where to begin. Well, how would you like for me to come out and
help? For one lucky winner, they’ll have a chance to have me come out and work with them in their garden to make it more
organic and more sustainable and then lots of other prizes too – including Safer
products and my new book, “Any Size, Anywhere, Edible Gardening.” Just go online
and register and while you’re there, please tell us about how you live
organically – maybe you grow your own tomatoes, or your own oregano, or your own rosemary,
or perhaps you shop organically or have a reusable water bottle. Organic is more than gardening – it’s a lifestyle. I look forward to seeing you soon!