– Out of the box and into the yard. This is the WORX 56-volt cordless mower. High-capacity 56-volt
Max lithium batteries deliver gas-like performance,
extended run time, and remember this: zero emissions. There’s no gas, no oil, no
fouled plugs, no cranking. Did I mention no cranking? It’s a three-in-one mower that allows you to mulch, bag, or side discharge. The 19-inch mower comes with a steel deck. It’s advertised as 25 percent less weight than normal 19-inch gas-powered mower. Now, my yard’s not flat, so
less weight is good for me. It comes with two 56-volt
Max lithium batteries and a battery charger. Takes about 90 minutes for the batteries to charge completely. Each battery comes with a little button where you can touch it, you get an LED light to tell you how much power’s in the battery. These batteries, by the
way, are interchangeable with the WORX 56 String Trimmer Edger and the 56-volt Hedge Trimmer. Comes with a grass collection bag. If you’re one of those
people who pick it up, sweep it up, put it out on the street, this is nice. It comes with a side discharge chute. Very easy to snap in place. It comes with a mulch plug, if
you like mulching your grass. There are a couple of words WORX uses here that I’ll describe a bit. One is NutriCut. Basically, it means
dual-edge mulching blade. In a nutshell, your blade cuts the grass and the pieces fall
back down into the yard. But when the mulching plug is in place, those longer pieces get run
through the mulching blade, chopped up in smaller bits,
fall back as a natural compost or fertilizer to your yard. IntelliCut technology:
IntelliCut delivers extra power for tougher grass conditions. You’ll recognize it when
you get in tough grass. The steel cutting deck
features a wash out port for clearing out the bottom of the deck. You’ll love this, just
hook your garden hose right to the wash out port. The 56-volt mower has seven different height-cutting positions
with a single lever, from four inches to an inch and a quarter. The mower comes with a three-year warranty and a 90-day money-back guarantee. I’ve been using a smaller
WORX cordless mower for several years. It’s been very durable, light, and quiet. I’m excited about this
mower with the extra power and the mulching feature. The claim here is cutting
power for 8500 square feet per charge. Hey, thanks for watching. Let’s get the rest of this out of the box and get it into the yard. (lawnmower buzzes) (bright, bouncy music)