My entire friend, Welcome to Veggies Home Kitchen Garden. Today’s video about healthy growth of Cherry Tomatoes. I have three varieties of Cherry Tomatoes. First one Yellow Cherry Tomatoes. Second one Red Cherry Tomatoes. Finally Black Cherry Tomatoes. Today’s video about Yellow and Red Cherry Tomatoes healthy growth. Because at first I transplant seedling of Yellow and Red Cherry tomatoes. Instead of Black Cherry tomatoes. Two month (60 days) passed to transplant seedlings of Yellow and Red Cherry tomatoes. 23rd October I upload video of Yellow and Red Cherry Tomatoes transplant seedlings. My gardening friends also watch this video. My gardening friends do not subscribe my channel. Press Subscribe button. Also press Bell Button to hear sound. Let’s starts now. What about growth of Yellow and Red Cherry tomatoes. It’s a step by step process. All my gardening friend who grows vegetables at home First step grow seeds. When seeds germinates. Next video about transplant seedlings at proper time. Now today’s what about progress of cherry tomatoes. For your wishes and prayer I harvest fresh Yellow and Red Cherry Tomatoes at home. Let’s start now. All my gardening friends here you seen healthy yellow and red cherry tomatoes plants. Nice and healthy growth of plant. Flowers also come out on all cherry tomatoes. This is yellow cherry tomatoes. This is Red Cherry tomatoes. All in different size containers. Check out pot size This is plastic paint container. 3 Cherry tomatoes per pot. 12 inch pot having yellow cherry tomatoes. Here you seen cherry tomatoes fruit starts growing. All cherry tomatoes on flowers Check out the leaves. No disease. No curly leaves. I care all my cherry plants according to their requirement. Also give liquid fertilizer. Now – a – days give on PK liquid fertilizer. Without Nitrogen. Before that give NPK having ratio 20:20:20. After transplant seedling give Urea only one time. NPK ratio 20:20:20 Two times. Now-a-days only PK because tomatoes are on flowers. Reduce water especially when tomatoes are on flowers. Sunlight most important and essential for healthy growth of cherry tomatoes and fruits. Too much sunlight, too much healthy growth Check out my cherry tomatoes on threads Healthy growth without diseases. Hope you like this video. Kindly like and subscribe my channel for next coming videos. Bye Asim Nawaz Veggies Home Kitchen Garden.